We trained the Voices interviewers in Madrid

During May, we conducted the training for the project interviews! 

It took place at the Scholas Madrid offices and was attended by the PAOK delegation from Cyprus, two professors from the University of Zaragoza and young volunteers from Scholas.
In the first instance, we engaged in activities involving games, theater exercises, and art. The aim of these activities was to build trust and approach the interaction with others through these languages.
The second half consisted of providing participants with more information about the project and the key aspects to consider.
Later, the University of Zaragoza presented the Research Guide developed along with an explanation of the semi-structured interviews.
Finally, we conducted a role-playing exercise among the participants where we were able to correct mistakes and collectively improve our interviewing skills.
Now we can confidently say that we are ready to conduct interviews with people from different generations, establishing trust with the interviewee and engaging in deep listening that encourages a better understanding of our intangible heritage.

VOICES is a project that unites promotes the Intergenerational Dialogue and Intangible Heritage for achieving Social Sustainability in local communities.

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